Air Duct Cleaning Services

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As the years pass, air ducts will inevitably become dirty, and proper maintenance to have your HVAC system cleaned will be needed to avoid future health issues. A simple inspection by Disaster Relief’s HVAC cleaning specialists will allow us to see if your ducts are in need of being cleaned right away. If you have your air ducts routinely cleaned then you also have the potential of reducing your monthly heating/ cooling bills, not to mention reducing the chance of any fire hazards.

Comprehensive HVAC Cleaning

The last thing you want to have to deal with is contaminants spreading throughout your property and dramatically impacting your home or business’ indoor air quality. If your air duct cleaning is not done properly with a strong negative air pressure (like a vacuum), then it’s very likely that could happen.

Call the air duct cleaning experts at Disaster Relief today and we will remove the contaminants and greatly improve your property’s indoor air quality!

Disaster Relief strictly adheres to all of the best precautions and steps to get your air ducts cleaned right away: 

  • Everything is cleaned including the registers, interior of furnace, even supply and returns
  • Shoe protection is always worn
  • We clean up after ourselves and take the dirt away
  • Walls, floors, doors, and furniture are all cared for

Signs you may need to have your air ducts cleaned

Below is a list of items to keep your eyes on, if you have had any of the following it is time to schedule an air duct cleaning with Disaster Relief:

  • Your HVAC system needs a tune up and it is old.
  • A family member or resident of your property has allergies or respiratory problems.
  • You own a pet. Pet hairs and dander can get into the system, spreading throughout the property.
  • You live in an older home that has decades of circulating dust.
  • Your home was recently remodeled, resulting in a lot of dust.
  • If you have a pregnant family member in the home as well as if you have an immune deficient family member in the home.

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