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With the threat of COVID-19, many people are concerned about if their home or business has possibly been exposed to it or are just looking to take extra precautionary steps to reduce the chance of their property being infected by COVID-19. Disaster Relief is here to help put your mind at ease with our safe and effective sanitization, disinfection, and cleaning services. We’re proud to offer these services to both our residential and commercial property owners to help restore your home or business back to its normal condition as quickly as possible.

Disaster Relief offers 3 levels of COVID-19 related sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning services for homes and businesses alike in Western New York State.

Level 1: Precautionary Cleaning

This level of cleaning and disinfecting services is for home and business owners that don’t have any known contaminants, but are wanting to keep their property’s environment safe and sanitary for those who live and work in it. For commercial properties we can easily perform these disinfecting treatments during non-business hours so we don’t greatly impact your daily business.

Level 2: Contamination Possible

If you’re concerned that your home or business has been exposed to COVID-19 by an infected person then this level of cleaning and disinfecting is the right choice. Our biohazard technicians will perform an ATP meter test to determine the level of contamination and will then perform a 10 foot down sanitization and disinfection cleaning process of your entire property. This will help to minimize the risk* of this disease spreading to anyone.

Level 3: Confirmed Exposure to COVID-19

If there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your residential or commercial property, then you are in great need of this customized and extensive sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning service to make sure that your building is safely and properly decontaminated. Disaster Relief’s technicians will perform an ATP meter test to determine the extent of contamination and will work directly with you to create a fully customized plan of action that is tailored to your building’s specific needs.

Why Choose Disaster Relief

  • We use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers which gets our disinfecting chemicals into nooks, cracks and in the air that normal cleaning can not.
  • We use EPA registered chemicals that are on the Emerging Pathogens list to kill SARS and COVID-2, which are the viruses that are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. They are environmentally safe and are used in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. They are safe to use in food preparation areas like cafeterias and food processing plants
  • We follow CDC suit-up guidelines. We will not enter any structure without full PPE on: Tyvek suit with hood and booties, two layers of gloves, and full face respirator with HEPA filters. This prevents any cross-contamination.
  • We do residential and commercial properties. For commercial businesses that are essential, we offer weekly treatments to help keep you up and running which demonstrates to the health department that you are being proactive and protecting your employees and your facilities.
  • Hydroxyl generators that kill bacteria and viruses that treat 40,000 cf per unit are available for rent. They are made to be used in occupied spaces.

Video of a Disaster Relief technician using our ULV fogger to disinfect a cafeteria.

Disaster Relief’s ATP Meter

ATP Meter – device that detects bacteria (not viruses!). How it helps: we will clean a surface with the proper cleaning chemicals and procedures recommended by the CDC and registered by the EPA. After the cleaning has been performed our technicians will use the ATP meter on the cleaned surface to see if it can detect any bacteria. If the cleaning has been done correctly, then the meter shouldn’t detect any bacteria since the chemicals are meant to kill bacteria and most viruses*. We can detect whether or not the cleaning agent has done its job. This ATP meter will help indicate whether you are cleaning your surfaces as best you can in order to help minimize the risk of contamination and spreading of COVID-19.

How It Works

Disaster Relief’s technicians will take a swab sample of the surfaces throughout your home or business, using one swab per 4”x4” surface area. They will then insert the swabs individually into the ATP meter, which will then run through a process to determine the amount of bacteria there is on the swab. After the ATP meter has analyzed the swabs and told the technician the extent of bacteria contamination, they will spray the affected area with a CDC approved and EPA registered cleaning agent and allow the proper dwell time of the chemical so it has the time it needs to kill all of the bacteria. After the allotted time has passed, our technicians will re-swab the recently cleaned surfaces and process them through the ATP meter again to determine if the bacteria has been eradicated from the surfaces.

What Are Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl generators emit the same UV radiation that our sun does. This helps to naturally clean and deodorize the inside of a building. These hydroxyl generators create hydroxyl radicals that can treat pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. We utilize these great machines in our sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning services by placing them in strategic points of the contaminated area of the building, and then simply turn them on to do their job. They operate 24 hours a day and are an extremely effective tool at treating hard to reach areas and at eliminating airborne microorganisms, like COVID-19, which is transmitted through breathing in the airborne virus molecules.

They can be used in spaces big and small:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Education Institutions
  • Restaurants
  • And many more

COVID-19 Cleaning: What You Need to Know

  1. SARS and COVID-2 are the viruses that are responsible for the COVID-19 virus.
  2. All surfaces that have been touched need to be cleaned first before any disinfect is applied. Pre cleaning removes the bio film which is the oils in your skin left behind when a surface is touched. By doing a deep clean that film is removed making it easier for the chemical to disinfect properly.
  3. Chemicals that are to be used should be EPA registered and on the list of Emerging Pathogens. Follow the label for Proper Dwell times. Which means keep the surface you are disinfecting wet for the amount of time stated on the label.
  4. Surfaces and rooms are cleaned and disinfected only until the next person enters or comes in contact with that surface. You can be asymptomatic for several days with no signs of having the disease.

Disaster Relief is here to help our residential and commercial customers by providing professional sanitization and disinfecting cleaning services to help make your building safe for you, your family, loved ones, or employees and customers.

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*Disaster Relief’s sanitization and disinfection services help to reduce the threat and spread of the COVID-19 disease, but Disaster Relief cannot and does not guarantee that such services will completely eliminate the presence of COVID-19 or all risks it presents to person or property currently and in the future.

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