Plumber Referral Program

We’re certain Restoration companies have talked to you before about referring jobs. We’re also certain they’ve offered you cash for these jobs. We believe that type of relationship can potentially hurt your brand’s reputation. So we’ve reinvented the Plumber Referral Program. Our program puts the customer first and protects reputations all while benefiting both companies.

Our Program Provides:

* 24/7 Priority Response for Our Plumbing Partners

* Quarterly Cash Payments for Water Damage Referrals

* Free Extraction & Drying for Plumbing Mishaps

* Free Moisture Detection Training for Staff

* Free Moisture Detection Equipment

Also, when you refer a job to Disaster Relief that gets secured, you will receive points that correspond with the dollar amount of the jobs referred. The points coordinate with a ladder with different levels of prizes. (Download flyer)

You can redeem these points for the prizes in the level you correspond with either at the end of the quarter or at the end of the year (December 1st- November 30th).

Once you max out on points, achieving Diamond Level, the points are automatically redeemed and then you begin accumulating points again. Each quarter you will be emailed on your current points at which time you can choose to redeem them or continue.

Priority Response: You see water damage on a weekly basis. And while you’re able to fix the source of the water damage, your clients look to you to provide them with a complete solution. As part of our Plumbers Referral Program, your clients will receive priority booking, 24 hours a day. In most cases, we can respond the same day. We’re also happy to speak with your client before we arrive to answer any questions they may have. Remember, most water damages are covered by homeowners insurance. We’ll help them navigate through the claim process.

Referral Fee: Once you’ve called or texted us your referral, will set up a time and place to get you paid. We’re also happy to pay your referral fee in cash, but we can also write you a check or use Venmo.

Plumbing Mishaps: In the rare case you or your staff create a water damage, your job will take priority. We’ll meet you on-site and extract and dry impacted areas. These things happen, and it’s best to have a partner in the business you can count on.

Education: We believe in education. As a Plumbing Partner, we’ll schedule a time to visit with you and your staff so that your company can better identify moisture damage. This training lasts less than 30 minutes. We’re happy to schedule a time in the morning or over lunch. Contact us for more information.

Free Moisture Meter: We’ll provide you with a simple, handheld moisture meter free of charge. This tool is simple way of identifying water damaged areas. If you’re not sure if an area has water damage, give us a call. We’re happy to test the area with more advanced equipment.

At Disaster Relief we’ve spent years building and protecting our reputation. That’s why we’re eager to work with the best plumbing companies in our area. We’re certain that choosing Disaster Relief as your partner will elevate your business and enhance your client’s experience. Call us today at 716-560-7525 to enroll.

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